About CrowdRelief

Recovery from the the gulf coast disasters of 2016 and 2017 are going to take take many years. The costs associated with rebuilding will drain resources for those struggling with a home’s loss as they rebuild.

Often missing from recovery efforts is needed funding to replace the household possessions that todays families need to live in a modern home. Not having a stove and refrigerator for a senior who lost everything can be critical for their well-being, yet from our experience, no one has planned a way to help with these necessities.

As homes are rebuilt, material items like appliances, furniture, linen, pots and pans, plastic food storage, silverware, curtains, blinds, etc., will need to be replaced. All of these items that took years to accumulate must be purchased and replaced, yet after the cost of rebuilding, many families have no remaining funds to do so.

The idea for CrowdRelief came after realizing that there would be no outside funding for this aspect of recovery.

CrowdRelief is not a platform for volunteers but also seeks to help citizens replace these basic household needs through crowdfunding. When you help a citizen through crowdfunding, your dollars are going directly into the hands of the an individual on the ground who personally knows an affected survivor. It's a much more efficient and transparent way of donating.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a need or project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet.

With that in mind, crowdfunding is the best way to replace these items, since donors are able to select a specific item they can afford to give.

What is CrowdRelief?

CrowdRelief is crowdfunding for disasters.

How does it work?

The concept is really simple. First, we partner with charities such as non-profits and churches who complete a phone survey with the homeowner to document the possessions they've lost. Second, a member of the sponsoring charity visits the homeowner to vet or verify the needs identified. This visit is important, because it allows the sponsor to make sure the victim doesn't have any immediate unmet needs. We provide tools to easily craft a compelling written and photographic story which enables their sponsor to raise funds on their behalf. Then, CrowdRelief easily converts the story into a crowdfunding campaign meant to raise specific amounts of money to purchase those items that have been identified.

Why is CrowdRelief better?

CrowdRelief is better than just making a random donation, because you are buying an actual item for a flooded homeowner. Because the prices are displayed for you when you make your donation, you can see that there is very little overhead included in our pricing. Thus, you can feel confident that the vast majority of your donation will be used to help the disaster victim you sponsor.

Why not use Go-Fund Me?

CrowdRelief is superior to existing crowdfunding platforms because not only do we collect donations directly for victims but our platform for case work enables local citizens on the ground to become advocates for those in need and local charity based case workers can ensure that items get delivered. A close relationship ensures that they can tend to other immediate needs such as food, shelter and clothing. Sometimes, the local charity based case worker can just sit with the victim and talk. The concept enables a local member of the community to build a relationship with victim to help them get back on their feet.

Who are we?

In the aftermath of disasterous 2016 Louisiana flood, our team organized the Cajun Navy from behind the scenes. After the flood receeded and the boaters went home, we wanted to stay engaged so we founded the Cajun Relief Foundation to help raise awareness and bring long term relief to flood victims. The mission of Cajun Relief Foundation is to empower citizens to assist in recovery efforts. Cajun Relief Foundation is a 501c3 charity which to date has received three grants totaling $65,000 from the Dallas disaster relief charity Mercury One.
Our team consists primarily of experienced technology professionals, so it was a natural progresesion to take what we were learning by being involved in flood relief efforts and build a platform for our own use. We built a platform we could use for immediate relief and long term recovery and over time it naturally evolved into CrowdRelief.

The team behind CrowdRelief and the Cajun Relief Foudnation also raised flood awareness on a national level by appearing on major radio and television networks and by creating numerous flood videos, including the Louisianne video below. The team founded CrowdRelief, because as a citizens of the community, they wanted to put their talents as systems engineers and designers to work for the public.

The CrowdRelief platform is a revolution in long-term disaster recovery that empowers those affected by a disaster with the ability to help themselves. It also provides unique ways for an entire community to get involved by becoming caring case workers for their own neighbors. This enables CrowdRelief to reward volunteers in novel and fun ways for recording their time.

The Cajun Navy proved that positioning technology for engaging local citizens during a disaster is faster, more effective and actually costs less than waiting for relief from an outside organization. CrowdRelief carries that knowledge over to long-term recovery efforts that can span years. Our platform engages communities and empowers local residents to invest time and money in their own neighborhoods.

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For more information about CrowdRelief and the Cajun Relief Foundation, log onto our websites at https://www.crowdrelief.net or http://www.cajunrelief.org and follow us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/CrowdRelief or http://facebook.com/CajunReliefFoundation.