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October 2018

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Written by: Doris Green for Doris Green
Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Homeowner is At Wit's End After Volunteers Damage Property After Hurricane Michael

Volunteers came and cut part of a tree down and said they were coming back, but never did.  Some of the tree remains, as well as a large upturned trunk in the back yard.  When they cut the tree, they smashed my sidewalk, steps, the rail I needed to get down the steps, a retaining wall, and  part of my porch.  Insurance won't cover the costs because the damage was done by volunteers.

Written by: Amanda Grice for Amanda Grice
Saturday, February 16, 2019

We Are Lost After Hurricane Michael; We Have Nothing

Hi.  I'm Amanda, and I'm 32.  My three children, my wife, my mother, and I lost our home because Hurricane Michael partially tore our roof off.  My mother, my wife, and I are each disabled.  FEMA processed our initial application quickly, and the funds that were approved went for housing, replacement of clothing and other essentials, debris removal, and tarping of the master bedroom roof.  However, what we were allotted was nowhere near enough.  We are very low i...

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Lisa Bridges posted an update.
1/25/2019 10:57:14 Need a roof reshingled
Connie Garrett posted an update.
1/19/2019 07:53:35 I need a tree cut off my carport, I have a damaged roof and I have some debris and a fence that needs to be cleared
Russ Madden Jr posted an update.
1/17/2019 10:37:04 Hey guys, Russ here! Thanks for allowing me aboard!
Stephanie Rodgers posted an update.
1/13/2019 09:17:09 I'm a photographer who has been taking photos of the damage done around Panama City and Mexico Beach. I made a live Facebook video while I was in Mexico Beach taking photos. I was angry, holding back tears apparently people heard that in my voice. I never expected the video to go viral but it did. I mentioned in this video how Hurricane Michael took so much from people and destroyed so many lives that families woke up on Christmas morning in tents. I want to take advantage of the fact that this video did go viral, make another one where people are living in tents and ask people to help donate and if they have trailers they don't use to donate those too. I don't want to put anyone on the spot or make them feel uncomfortable. I only want to help these families out of tents and into a trailer.
Rhonda Jimmerson posted an update.
1/5/2019 06:49:54 I have a ticket in for the removal to the road, I no longer need this, but have different aid request.
Rebecca Schneider posted an update.
12/23/2018 15:42:49 Alice Tipton and I have a tree about to fall on my home I am 79 years old and have asked my insurance to take it down and they will not. I am worried that it will soon fall on my home. I would be so thankful for help with it. My address is 752 scenic drive Grenada, Mississippi my phone number is 662-614-0076.
Wiley Richardson posted an update.
12/8/2018 18:45:27 My name is Rose Lipscomb and I am posting this for my friend Wiley Richardson who lives in Sneads, Fl. Here are the things he needs help with: Replacement of the skirt around his trailer and repair where the tin was torn off one end. He had lots of trees blown down, and someone cut them into sections for him, but he needs help hooking them to his Kiwasaki Mule to drag them to the road. A tree fell on his storage unit and the contents are being exposed to the rain, so he needs help with that. His boat was in his boathouse, and it sank. The insurance company is demanding the original title and photos of the boat, which he cannot locate. The policy had a $500 deductible, but because the storm had a name, the deductible was raised to $1000. The insurance company is Progressive. If anyone has experience in dealing with insurance companies, I'm sure he would welcome the help. If you are unable to get in touch with Wiley, you can email me at and I will give you my telephone number here in Alabama. Wiley is in his 70s, and has LOTs of health problems, making it hard for him to get around, much less do this kind of work. He's a good person, so I hope someone can lend him a hand. Thank you.
Monica Patten posted an update.
12/8/2018 11:23:30 My 5 year old daughter and I are now homeless because the home we were renting is no longer available after Hurricane Michael. My daughter is temporarily staying with my ex mother-in-law, but I have been bouncing around between friends' couches. I finally found new employment but there are virtually no places to rent. I have been denied assistance by FEMA and have no savings or other income. I am in need of a camper or RV in any condition for a low price or small payments or any other options for a home to rent around the Bay County area we need to stay somewhat close to my mother-in-law, but are willing to move. I also need a shed to put our things on as they must be moved from our old residence. Finally if anyone has the ability to help with eyeglasses my daughter has a serious eye condition and needs a a replacement pair and an appointment with a specialist that I can not afford at this time and Medicaid will not cover. Thank u so much!