Flood Recovery Stages

0: Prepare

Spend time before a disaster understanding save evacuation routes and have a plan in place.

1: Evacuate

Focus on your life and that of your families. Stay put and indoors unless advised by a local authority.

Follow evacuation orders from authorities. Grab important medications.

2: Shelter

Take time to assess your situation and make contact with friends and family.

Make sure you have needed medication and clothing until the disaster subsides.

Begin looking for temporary transitional housing.

3: Transition to Housing

You and your family could remian in the transitional stage for an extended period of time, usually until you're able to return to your home.

Navigating insurance and FEMA paperwork while continuing to work, rebuild your home and care for your family will become a part of your life.

In this stage, you'll want to find a comfortable place to live until you are able to return to your home.

4: Clean Up

Engage family, friends and non-profits. Many hands make light work. Reach out to churches, schools and non-profits for physical labor.

Read commuity guidelines for debris removal information.

Handle personal items with care and be aware of hidden dangers and mold growth.

Research clean-up requirements. Take photos of every item of value.

5: Remediate

Read community guidelines for debris removal information. Follow insurance, FEMA and established guidelines.

6: Rebuild

Engage friends and family. Many hands make light work. Reach out to churches, schools and non-profits for physical labor. A good contractor is going to be VERY busy. Check ALL contractor credentials. Follow insurance, FEMA and local codes and other established guidelines for construction permits in your community.

If you're unsure about who you're hiring. better to wait and get advice from someone else you trust.

7: Refurnish

Use the CrowdRelief Crowdfunding platform. CrowdRelief tells your story to the world and allows others to help you with the important things you will need to replenish your home.

A non-profit in your community will help you with this stage.

8: Return Home

This process you've just endured has altered your life forever.

You've grown, made friends, become wiser, given, taken.

You and your family survived.

Welcome home.