Donate to a Louisiana flood victim

Help a Louisiana flood victim get back into a home of their own by donating a much needed item below.
Each campaign has been carefully vetted by a citizen volunteer.

Peggy's open needs

$2,885 of $2,885

Queen Bed

Bed Frame




Love Seat

End Table


Coffee Table

Table and Chairs
Ever the American

Mrs Riley knows the her flag won't let her down.

Never alone

Our community provides support to each other. Together we will overcome. Donate generously.

Devastating Impact

The great flood has done it's best to destroy Peggy's home. There is much repair needed to make it whole.

Flood ravaged

Heartbreaking destruction. Please help.

Overwhelming tasks ahead

Peggy is a survivor, but even the strong get overwhelmed. Lend her support by donating generously to her campaign.

Gaping holes

The flooring has rotted away and much of Peggy's home.

Peggy is no stranger to floods. She has survived them twice.

Peggy Riley had been bowling the day the flood was happening. When she came home the water was rising. Before she knew it her car was flooded and then her home. She lost everything and now has mold creeping up her walls to the ceiling.

She went to live with her sister which was over an hour drive from her work. This the second flood she has lived through and has been asking "Why me, again?". Peggy now has a FEMA trailer, but really wants to have a permanent home. She says someone is worse off and needs the trailer more than she does.

In order to move forward she needs the basics - pots,pans, dishes, bed frame, mattress, bed linens, towels, sofa, end table, lamps and microwave. Clothing- size 16 and Shoes 7 1/2. Lift Peggy up from another flood and help her get a permanent home by generously donating to her.

Survey number - 155