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Tondra (Janie)'s open needs

$1,070 of $1,100

Insulation Roles

Love Seat



Rust & Mold

Janie's home is plagued with rust and mold.

Studio Style Home

Janie's studio style home can be fixed up quickly with a little help from you.

New Appliances Needed

The flood took all of Janie's appliances. Won't you help us replace what she lost?

Living on the River

It's a wonder that Janie's house wasn't washed away, living so close to the river.

The face of a survivor

There has been much to overcome recently, but Ms. Janie is a survivor.

Nothing for the House

FEMA only gave Janie money for car repairs. She did not receive any funds to restore her home.

Ms. Janie is a survivor. With your help she will survive the flood.

Janie Bridges lives in Clinton, La. The Amite River in Clinton, La., one of the first areas to become ravaged by rising floodwaters, shoving several feet of river sand onto the land. Elevated 10 feet off of the ground, the camp still endured 3 feet of water. She was able to escape by boat. She was on the news as panic set in across SELA.
She is just a few feet away from the river. She moved there to start a new life. She purchased a mobile home, which cracked in half, never being able to move in. She then purchased the camp, elevated 10 feet off of the ground, to start over, yet again. Her strength and independence is admirable, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, then fibroids and cysts.
However, as she returned to her humble 20x12 studio style home on leased land, she began to pick up the pieces and start over again. She lost everything. As everyone else on the river received prompt FEMA assistance, she was DENIED by FEMA and continues to appeal. She received money for her vehicle only. Overwhelmed with stress, feeling defeated for the first time, suffering with health issues and mold setting in, she gets a bladder infection. Yet, throughout this ordeal, she has still helped others despite numerous setbacks.
Funds are dwindling as she is faced with either paying her bills, rebuilding her life or replacing the transmission on her 2006 Nissan Exterra. This beautiful, humble, noble, kindhearted woman needs a hero, an angel or simply a hand up. Will you extend your hand to lift her up?

Written by, Windy Boudreaux

Sponsored by: Cajun Relief Foundation
Survey number - 163