Vision for Recovery




Real Time Measurements


Community Aid Platform

CrowdRelief is a Community Aid Platform. Through specialized apps, we connect non-profits, corporate brands, story tellers and good citizens together to rebuild lives after disasters and help those in need everyday.

CrowdRelief offers a vision for recovery, real time metrics and transparency for those who give.


  • Replace lost household items through Crowdbuying. So, instead of just giving money donors can buy much needed household items for other people.
  • Collaborative home rebuilding. Non-profits that work together with volunteers track and share resources and schedules.
  • Volunteer tracking and check-in through geo-fencing. Volunteers become story tellers by sharing photos and videos of what they are doing.
  • Disaster needs map. - Organically sourced needs appear on a map and the closest person who can help can meet that need.
  • LIVE activity feed automatically populated from each of the apps. Engages the public, provides measurement.
  • Developer API for unlimited app development (future).
CrowdRelief is a better, more efficient way to help people in need.
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