Two Times Burnt

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My story really started 20 years ago.  I was a young mother of four who was woken by my young nephew telling me there was a fire.  As my eyes adjusted and focused, I looked past my nephew and saw flames aglow on my bedroom door.  Panicked, I ran outside for the water hose.  I lost two of my four babies that morning. 

Now, 20 years later-- almost to the date 20 years later ( 1 day off)-- I am reliving the nightmare that I still can not wake up from.  This time, it didn't take any lives from me, but has, in a way.  I am now in separation from the love of my life, together 18 years and four days from me writing this.  Now, I am so stretched thin that I somehow forgot to pay my storage and am now losing what material items I have been able to get.  The fire was a total loss-- where I lived, what I wore, and who I loved.  It took all I had left of my kids, my parents, and grandparents, may you all RIP...

I just got off the phone with FEMA and it looks to be a few months before they may have a trailer for me.  My car is breaking down because of all the driving I am having to do.  I have become broke from just surviving day to day and from needed auto repairs that keep coming!  I am at my wit's end and really in need of any and all help...  I have counseling sessions three times a week.  Thank you, and I pray that God is Blessing Some One out there.

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California Camp Fire Disaster Survivor
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