Cajun Navy Foundation Supports Disaster Survivor and Quadriplegic Artist Donna Bell

On November 18th, the Cajun Relief Foundation participated in MidCity Merchant’s White Light Night Art event where they featured the work of local artist, Donna Bell. Donna, a 49 year old native of Louisiana who on June 28th 1979 was in a tragic car accident leaving her a C-3 C-4 quadriplegic. She was only 15 at the time of the wreck which broke her neck leaving her unable to move from the shoulders down for the past 34 years.

It wasn’t until age 21, six years after the accident that a talent emerged where there was once none. “Before the accident, I always wanted to draw but I couldn’t even trace well with my hands, “This is a true gift.” Donna said. She has had no formal art training yet now draws and crochets using only her mouth.

Donna and her family were vicitms of the flood and their home sustained tremendous damage. In an effort to help replace so much that the family had lost, Cajun Relief Foundation featured a limited edition print created by Donna. This drawing was a tribute to all she and others had to overcome in the wake of the flood. At the White Light Night event, her prints are available for purchase for $35.

The event was a huge success with Donna’s limited edition prints being the hit of the evening.  A considerable amount of money was raised through these purchases.

Donna’s prints are still for purchase through the Cajun Relief Foundation website at if you’d like to purchase one. Also, Donna has a collection of her artwork on her facebook fan page if you would like to follow her work.