Hurricane Florence Volunteer Joins Cajun Navy

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Name: Lori Kirkpatrick

Zello Handle: Lori411

Hampstead, North Carolina

Disasters I have worked: Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael, and California Wildfires After teaching elementary school for 17 years, six years ago I took a big leap over to working with adults. I currently teach several multilevel English as a Second Language classes at a community college. I started writing for a local newspaper in 2013, and became a staff writer for the weekly publication. I also work part-time at a museum and historic site in Wilmington, NC.

During Hurricane Florence, I heard about Cajun Navy Foundation and contacted them to write an article for the newspaper. At the same time, they happened to be looking for someone to write blogs about the people they were helping and about their volunteers. As I listened in on their Zello channels and began to engage in the conversations they were having in Cajun Navy Foundation and CrowdRelief groups, I saw the good work they were doing and I felt compelled to be a part of it.

Being a staff writer has enabled me to get to know a lot of wonderful volunteers and survivors of disasters. I have written multiple blogs for Cajun Navy Foundation throughout the most recent disasters, telling the stories of both the survivors and the volunteers. I am collaborating with teams within CNF and during the development of CrowdRelief to communicate their missions as citizen-led, disaster recovery community aid platforms. We are all neighbors helping neighbors, and working as a team has brought us together as one big family.

One of my best memories is from when I was preparing to write my first blog, and I started listening to the Cajun Navy Foundation and CrowdRelief’s Zello channels. It was during a time of uncertainty, when my own community was struggling from the effects of Hurricane Florence. As I listened, I witnessed ordinary people doing what came naturally to them – they brought whatever skills they had to the table and reached out to lend a helping hand. I continued to watch as those I had come to know as disaster survivors, out of gratitude for the help they had received, went on to become helpers themselves. They were stories of hope, recovery and restoration.

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