Family Member of Rescued Survivor Moved To Join Cajun Navy Foundation

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Zello: Darcyhopkins

Huntsville, Alabama

Storms involved in: Hurricane Michael

Work: Emotional Support, Social Media, Runner, Fund Raiser

How I got involved: My Mother lives in Panama City and after not hearing from her for three days after the storm, the Cajun Navy located her and got word to me. After that there were CN volunteers that camped in her yard while working recovery efforts. They showered at her house and shared meals and fellowshiped together.

Why: I got involved with CNF because I saw a need that wasn’t being met. CNF was there to fill that void. Regular people working in concert to help people with any need, big or small. It gave me hope and keeps me humble.

Favorite memory: Getting on Zello CNF Hurricane Michael channel with my Mom to say Thank You. It turns out Sandy was on that night and we realized after looking at the ticket, that she was the dispatcher and her Houston SAR team were the one’s who found my Mom. Sandy was the person to call me and tell me they found my Mom. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the group that night. The gratitude I have for everything CNF has done and continues to do can never be expressed in words.

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Hurricane Michael Disaster Helper
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