Cajun Navy Volunteer Leads with Encouragement, Teamwork and Prayer

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Volunteer: Greg Alexander

Zello Name: Alexgreg93

From: Southgate, Michigan

Disasters I've worked: Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael, California wildfires

I first found myself volunteering when my friend, Brian, was on his way to assist survivors of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. I began helping him on Zello, and that's when I got involved with Cajun Navy Foundation. During Hurricanes Florence and Michael, and later during the California wildfires, I volunteered as a moderator on Cajun Navy Foundation's Zello channels, I served as Team Leader for the Michigan Team and I joined the CNF Core Team.

While working in these roles, I came to recognize the need for building and encouraging morale among the team of volunteers as a whole. Morale is essential because of the crazy, constantly changing environment we operate in. Since we are volunteers, not employees, it can be tough.

As a team member, I consider myself a straight shooter - if someone comes to me with questions or concerns, I'll tell them what I think with little hesitation. I try to do this in a positive way, encouraging others the best I can. I have been known to start the day on Zello with a prayer for my CNF family and for those affected by the disasters.

My favorite memory is during Hurricane Michael, when I helped get a welfare check done on an elderly couple. On the first day I was a moderator during the storm, a man on Zello was asking for assistance. He wanted someone to check on his family. I reached out to the gentleman, found out more about the situation and got one of our boots on the ground volunteers to go check on the couple. It turned out that they were fine, so I called the man to let him know. He told me that four other people from CNF had called him. He was so grateful to Cajun Navy Foundation. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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