Cajun Navy Volunteer Describes What Happens Behind The Scenes

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Zello Handle: Slsavee2123
From: York, SC
Disasters Worked: Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael, California Wildfires

I started out with Cajun Navy Foundation by helping with new volunteer vetting during Hurricane Florence. I also did a little bit of dispatch, and a lot of new volunteer coordination. With new people coming in, there is a lot to do as far as assigning roles and moving people around. As a team, we have all participated in conference calls for the purpose of planning, but they also provide motivation and inspiration that keep us working as a cohesive team.

I first became involved because of Uncle Bobby. Rob called me one day and said, "I think we need you. Try it out for a month." I fell in love with Cajun Navy Foundation and I ended up staying on board. I think I have always had a need to do for others way before I do for myself; and volunteering has been one of the most rewarding ways that I’ve been able to do that - other than with my kids and my family, of course. What we do really makes a huge impact, and I think it’s bigger than any of us can really imagine.

One of my favorite memories is when Darcy came back on the Zello channel and wanted to volunteer because we had helped her mama. That is one of the biggest rewards we can get, and a totally different kind of reward than we expect; but it is an awesome feeling when someone comes along who wants to be a part of what we do because of what we have done for someone they love. When Darcy joined us for that reason, we were all in tears.

I think the most lasting memory is the people I’ve met. There are only two or three people that I have met personally in this organization, but I have made friendships with a whole lot of volunteers that I have never met face to face. I love it!

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California Camp Fire Disaster Helper
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