Cajun Navy Volunteer Braves Floods to Aid Tennessee Survivors

This CrowdRelief Disaster Helpers Story was created for helper Brian Antisdel. 02/28/2019 10:29 PM

Cajun Navy volunteer Brian Antisdel of Team Michigan is steadily making his way toward areas of Tennessee that are currently experiencing flooding along the rising Mississippi River. As he briefly stops over in Knoxville, he plans to travel another four or five hours to locate survivors in the affected areas and determine how he can help.

“I had started driving to Louisville to look at a storefront there to expand my company when I got a call from Jerry Reeves, one of our Cajun Navy members,” began Brian. “He asked, ’Aren’t you going to Tennessee?’ I was already going to Louisville, so why wouldn’t I? That’s how it all started.”

Brian will be up and on the highway early Friday morning to continue his journey. Other team members are on standby to join him as needed.

“I don’t know what I’m going into, nobody really has much info or intel, and that’s a scary thing. People aren’t reaching out. Here in the south, we’ve seen this before. We have to get it started for people to start moving. We have get them signed up on CrowdRelief and do what we do," said Brian.

Recent reports show that the Mississippi River is expected to crest among record high levels in Hardin County next week. Survivors located in the flood-affected areas who are in need of assistance - as well as good citizens and organizations who would like to volunteer to help, are encouraged to register at Updates will be forthcoming.

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